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Autor Matei Pop
Romania Sociala a aparut ca o revista on line, cuprinzand studii standard, dar si comentarii, dezbateri, opinii. Din 2016 ea a devenit o platforma de discutii, dezbateri, opinii, informatii relevante despre evenimente si rezultate sintetice ale proiectelor de cercetare.

Evolution and Transcendence – Gambling our Path to Deity

  24 August, 2018

As you walk into your local supermarket, you see a line of angry people rioting in the parking lot. They are carrying signs that read “I am not a science experiment” or “say no to frankenfoods,” and they ask you to sign a petition against GMOs. As you recall, the fight against GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, has been ongoing for decades now. Yet you wonder how these ethical avangards are still protesting after the FDA has already integrated genetically modified foods into mainstream society. Shouldn’t this debate be settled by now? In fact, we as a society have not been able to reach ...